Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rebecca's ~ a treasure right in my own backyard

What a great weekend I had...  Several of my customers (friends) are very talented artists.  They are collaboratly a group called "From the Studio".  This go around, they were showing at a local store just down the street from Mrs. O'Leary's called Rebecca's.  I could have just stayed there all night it was so wonderful.

Spring Adventures featured artists
Rita Bunck - Clothing & Jewelry from Vintage sources
Carol Hill - Fiber Arts, Paper, Hand-painted Garments
Mary Jabara - Archeological Adornments
Claudette Pehde - Jewelry Extraordinaire
Lana Bennett - Crocheted Creations & Photography
Betty Richards - Silversmith & Author of "Ardis Heights"
Jon Roe - Paintings & Photography
Charlotte Janzen - Unique fiber, Paper & Wearable Art
Martha Sharp - Intricately Embroidered Cards
Joann Ryan - Metal People come to life
Laurie Mitchell - Opinionated Cards & Shirts
Sandy Hysom - Fabric Expressions by painting & rusting
Nancy Gordon - Vivid Purses, Pillows, Original Art
Lilaha Bolen - Chalkware by Lea
Pamela Lamont - Original Oil Paintings, Acrylics, Mixed Media
Nanetta Bananto - Jewelry, Fairies & Lantern Delights

When I'm in town, I never get beyond my own doors as there is so much work to always get done.  I've been missing out big time on this one.  Rebecca's is in Old Town, Wichita, Kansas, 300 N. Mead (316-866-2622).  Rebecca is a total delight and a talent not to be equaled.  What this lady can do with recycled remnants, a bucket of dye and a needle has to be seen to believe.  Her clothing is like wearing a beautiful artwork.  Heck, even looking at her wall of rolls of fabrics is a complete joy.  She graciously showed Jeralyn, Faron and I around her studio and shop.  Visiting with all the showing artists on their turf let me get a glimpse into who these amazing women really are.  This shop is a destination.  It is truly worth a day trip and if you are in the area, you can even stop by to see us at Mrs. O'Leary's and watch as our hibernating cocoon blossoms into a beautiful butterfly as we start on our remodel / expansion this week.

Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm coming home!

We've been on the road for the better part of the last 2 months.  I miss my family, pets and friends so much.    I can hardly wait to spend time again with them all.  The weather in Santa Fe was beautiful and the mountains are always so magnificent.

The boots keep coming...

This is just a glimpse of the beads I brought back for the store.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Travels from the Lone Star State

Mark and I attended the Adorn Me Convention in Houston this past week.  It was great reconnecting with teachers from the past like Keith Lo Bue, Richard and Jane Salley, Sabra Sowell Lovejoy, Janice Berkebile, Susan Lenart Kazmer and her sister Cheri who is now working with her teaching glass castings.    I have also been in Texas enough the last couple of years that I'm making lots of friends with some fun gals and gents.  The classes were great and I learned a lot about glasswork, enameling, metal forming, soldering, tools and so much more.

We left Houston early Saturday morning and headed for Plano for Stamp Asylum where we taught 30 hours of classes in 3 days.  I ended off last evening with hardly a voice and definitely a bit road weary, but we had a late dinner with Monica and Melody that was a treat.  We heard all about their travels and plans and plotted to get together along the way the year.  Melody does great Copic work and we're working on lining up a time for her to come teach at Mrs. O'Leary's.

Again the day finds us in the truck heading down the road, but this time we're heading home.  It will be only for a 1 day stop over, but it will be nice to pet the puppies and switch out the suitcases.  Thursday morning we head off one more time this month for Santa Fe.  We will be attending the Beadfest show where I will take a couple more classes on enameling and lentil beads.  We will also be shopping the showroom for all the latest in tools, wonderful beads and antiquity tidbits

We made a quick stop in Oklahoma City to visit My Heart's Fancy - a great stamp store.  They just moved into a new beautiful location a couple of months ago.  I talked to Lisa about coming down and teaching some classes later this year.  So if you are in that part of the country, check in with them.