Saturday, July 3, 2010

"ART UNPLUGGED" 2nd Annual

It's that time again to get crazy with a weekend marathon of creativity.   The crew at Mrs. O'Leary's is holding "ART UNPLUGGED" the 2nd annual, July 16-18.  Spaces really filled this last  week, but there are still some opening available as we can always spread into the Brickyard if needed.  Here's the line-up.  

Friday  16th - 9AM-noon    ---   ON THE BOARDWALK MEMO
Friday  16th - 12:30-3:30PM    ---   BIRTHSTONE BRACELET
Friday  16th - 4-10PM    ---   JOYUAX DU JOUR NECKLACE

Saturday  17th - 9AM-12:30    ---   NATURE BOX part 1
Saturday  17th - 1-5PM    ---   NATURE TAGS part 2
Saturday  17th - 6-10PM    ---   WORKING WITH RESINS

Sunday  18th - 10AM-2PM    ---   TORCH ENAMELING

If you have any question or need to register, 
please call Mrs. O'Leary's 316-262-0600 or email

Back at the Ranch.

Welwe've been back home for a couple of weeks, but we haven't wasted a moment.  We had to get going on classes as our home base or we'd have some really unhappy customers.  Today we did the "On the Boardwalk" memo board.  We will be repeating that class for "Art Unplugged" in 2 weeks (check out the next posting).  I thought you might enjoy seeing some of our Mrs. O'Leary's pictures.  

How do you like my new stamping buddy Gus.  I was puppy sitting one day and he just had to get into the action.  Yes, can you believe a puppy!  He is only 3 months old.  Check out the size of those paws.  And what a sweetheart he is.  Gus belongs to one of our Club managers Dan, so I get to play with him and then send him home to be fed.  

We have so many new stamps (250 new images have just been added), shirts, kits and more.  Tomorrow while you will be celebrating, I will be working away on the new web site.  Hopefully the new site or at least the new edition of the catalog will be up next week?  I will also be using my new Bloggie camera to produce instruction CD'd for the various new kits and projects.  Here is a sampling of the new images. 

Classes at Stamp Asylum

I can't believe it has already been over 2 months since we were at Stamp Asylum, Plano Texas.  What a wonderful store.  Monica and here staff are not only knowledgeable about their products, but make going feel just like being surrounded by good friends.  I nabbed Debbie and made her take the trip with me.  We had a great time, but worked hard fitting 7 classes into the 3 days.  If in the Dallas area, check with Monica about our fall classes there.  We will be back in Plano the 2nd weekend in October 2010 with a whole new set of classes.  

Meet me in St. Louie!

A couple of weeks ago Faron and I took out for St. Louis to do a show in Collinsville, Ill.  Son Travis and his fiance Brooke that live there did on sight printing of our newest shirt designs.  It was a hit and we had so much fun.  We hadn't attended the show in a couple of years, so it was a chance to meet up with old friends and we made some wonderful new ones as well.  If you are in that area of the country, we are making plans with the gals of  "For Keeps Sake"  ( to go teach classes there later this year.  

Sorry to be out of touch.

Greetings all.  Sorry about skipping through the last few months, but for those of you that don't know, we also run an outdoor restaurant/bar and we have been up to eyeballs with 18-20 hour work days.  

Most of our staff are soccer players or at least fans, so we have been having World Cup parties and parties and parties.....  Even when the USA lost we had a party.  

Somewhat of a bummer is the fact that our car was broken into and we lost a lot of things including my camera that I keep with me at all times to catch those unexpected moments.  I had lots of stills and video to load on the blog that are now gone.  So we start anew with another camera.  Now I have a Sony Bloggie so I can record myself and show the steps in making the kits - projects.