Saturday, July 3, 2010

Back at the Ranch.

Welwe've been back home for a couple of weeks, but we haven't wasted a moment.  We had to get going on classes as our home base or we'd have some really unhappy customers.  Today we did the "On the Boardwalk" memo board.  We will be repeating that class for "Art Unplugged" in 2 weeks (check out the next posting).  I thought you might enjoy seeing some of our Mrs. O'Leary's pictures.  

How do you like my new stamping buddy Gus.  I was puppy sitting one day and he just had to get into the action.  Yes, can you believe a puppy!  He is only 3 months old.  Check out the size of those paws.  And what a sweetheart he is.  Gus belongs to one of our Club managers Dan, so I get to play with him and then send him home to be fed.  

We have so many new stamps (250 new images have just been added), shirts, kits and more.  Tomorrow while you will be celebrating, I will be working away on the new web site.  Hopefully the new site or at least the new edition of the catalog will be up next week?  I will also be using my new Bloggie camera to produce instruction CD'd for the various new kits and projects.  Here is a sampling of the new images. 

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