Saturday, February 18, 2012

Going up... next stop Savannah

We were sorry to say good-bye to our Floridian friends, but we would now be traveling a bit north to meet up with old friends.  Lemmonhead (Jeff) from Pennsylvania, Kathy & Joe from Ohio, Miss Moneypenny (Susan) from North Carolina and our daughter Faron flew in from Kansas.  We had all made plans to gather in Savannah for a few days of friendship, sightseeing and spirits.  We all arrived at different times on Monday the 13th.  We descended on the hotel commandeering the commons, we sat around the fireplace watching the KU game, catching up on each other and sharing a meal.  Valentines Day found us shopping at the Paris Brocante, Paula Dean's, the Savannah Bee Co., SCAD shop and a variety of establishments in historic Savannah.  The Brocante is always my favorite as I dig through the antique French documents for artful imagery.  And yes I did find a stash as the cashier wanted to make sure I knew how much I was spending on the mere sheets of old paper before she totaled me out.

Paris Market Valentine Window

Faron, Susan, Lemmonhead, Kathy

French document
Upstairs at Paula Dean's
Notice the Y'all fan in the flowers?

The day continued with a tour of the most haunted house in Savannah, the Sorrel-Weed house.  
This house saw its share of death and murder over the years.  
Sorrel-Weed House, Savannah GA

Just a note, there was no red light in this room.  It only showed up on the camera.

We tried to get cupcakes at Mabel Francis Potter's Cupcake Emporium on Valentines Day, but they sold out early so had to wait a whole day for our treats.  Yummy!  In fact, I'm finishing the last one as I post this blog.  

After we sugared up, we visited the Mercer House for a tour.  
This was the murder house from the book and movie "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil".  
Mercer House

And later that evening we went on a ghost tour with our guide Nicodemus.  We were surprised when we met and he wasn't an old black guy, but a young Aussie actor.  (ranked the number 1 ghost guide in Savannah)  Now we would get the real scoop on the murder mystery and not the polite version the the Mercer House guide recanted to us.  Stop by when I get home and I'll fill you in on all the dirty little secrets of murder, mayhem and voodoo. 

Bonaventure Cemetery is one of the locations for the murder mystery.  It is such a beautiful place that I always have to visit while there and take my camera.  Here a couple of the shots.

The Colonial Cemetery is now a city park, but was closed at night in the late 90's as it had become a midnight sacrificial alter for the voodoo priests and priestesses to perform there rituals.


  1. Wow, what a cemetery!!! This is definitely on my "bucket list".
    Safe travels.

  2. Joni,

    You went to my favorite places!!! I love Savannah and the Paris Market is a place I never miss!! Thanks again for coming to Jacksonville. Your classes were awesome!! I am so glad I had the chance to meet you and take a few classes!! I hope the rest of your trip has been incredible!!

  3. Joni, Thanks for taking all the pics. I really enjoyed them all but took particular interest in the cemetery pics and that weird chainlink fence with skulls and roses!

  4. Hi Paulette, miss all you guys. I wondered if anyone would notice the look of the skulls in the fence? It is really just a filigree, but from an angle looks like skulls. I'll show you pictures from other angles when I get home. 9 more days... Joni

  5. Hey Sarah, missed you at Stamp Asylum, but know you are having a great time. I am coming through to teach the crystal and canvas class on March 26th if you are going to be back by then. Joni