Friday, March 9, 2012

Art Unplugged "4"

We have had the schedule for Art Unplugged set for the last month, but it occurred to me that I haven't posted it on the blog so everyone could see the info.

Mrs. O'Leary's
126 N. Mead, Old Town, Wichita, Kansas  ~ 316-262-0600

It’s here! Can you believe it? June 7,8,9 & 10
4th  Annual “Art Unplugged” Weekend (plus) retreat
After giving much thought to how to make an event where everyone would learn new skills and techniques, renew there soul and spirit with art and good friends…  I’ve come up with a collection of classes and gathering times to make this one our best…

June 7th  
“Jane in Chains” A vintage style thimble covered in filigree is at the top of a cascade of charms,  pearls, Austrian crystals, vintage buttons and of course chains.  Clustered together with distressed ribbons and hidden in the center is Jane herself.  Jane is a reproduction metal casting from an antique frozen Charlotte doll.  Learn how to make a beaded cascade, patina your charms and to make the Jane casting.  $60

Sample pictures will be posted early May
“Encaustic Wax, part 1 building backgrounds” In part 1 of Encaustics we will layout background textures and allow those to dry overnight.  You will get 4 small encaustic boards to work on.  The rest of the class will be demonstration of many techniques including layering, transfers, embedding, cutting in adding color with pan pastels and pigment sticks and painted with colored wax.  Continued…..
June 8th
“Encaustic Wax, part 2 laying it on thick” Be ready to start right in on your boards using the techniques you learned the night before.  This gets addictive as you play in our own little version of the sandbox. You may choose to bring additional encaustic boards, canvases or birch plywood to use as a base or purchase from our selection at the store.  20% discount on encaustic boards for participants.   $75 for both days

“Copper Book Necklace – Looking In” This tiny 1¼ x2½ mini book starts off with a surprise cover that lets you see into the images that lie beneath.  A window of Ice Resin slightly magnifies the image below.  Pages are made from metal mesh, mica, distressed canvas, resin paper, and filmstrips.  The kit comes packed with mini photos, paper trimmings and embellishments for you to fill the pages.  A variety of attachment techniques will be shown including eyelets, staples, sewing and wire.  Learn metal fabrication and texturing.  Torching will be demonstrated.  Your kit will also include several Artful Illusions mini rubber stamps – yours to keep.  Chain will be available for purchase.    $50
June 9th  Sat. 9-11:30
“Copper Book Necklace (continued)”

Date 5/26
“Enameling, torch fire beads and kiln fired bracelets” Use our buffet of beautiful enamels to turn ordinary filigree beads into gorgeous glass adornments.  Learn to mix colors for a cascading variegation of hues.  The 2nd half of the class will be making a very textural enameled bangle bracelet.   Local participants may choose to attend on Saturday May 26 – 11-4 in order to give everyone ample space and a chance to use the equipment without waiting.  $50
We will divide into 2 groups.  While group A is working with the kilns, group B will be using the torches.  Half way through the class we will switch.  

“Enamel Bead Bracelet” Turn your enameled beads into this floppy fringed bracelet.  If you don’t have your own enameled beads, we will have ours available for purchase.  Bracelet base, ribbon and fiber fringe, wire, head pins, and closure included.  Bring your own filler beads and or charms or purchase from our stash.   Learn wire wrapping and jewelry finishing.  $45

Sat. 10-1
Late Night!  Haven’t had enough yet?  Ever wonder what I’m doing in my studio at night?  Or just want to pick my brain about whatever?  Join us for a midnight snack and some extra studio time (enameling will be available).  This is free, but only available to Art Unplugged “4” participants.  
Sunday 10
Breakfast Join us for a relaxing gathering time and show off what you made during your art days.  Free to anyone that took part in the Unplugged classes.  

June 10th
Sunday 11-6
“Crystal & Canvas – Beautiful Woman” A 6 inch square glass bevel is the cover for this truly different book celebrating women.  The base material is painted canvas but materials ranging from chiffon, tulle, silk and natural wool contrast against hammered steel and rust.  Cardstock pages form pockets for tucking in our faux vintage cabinet cards, letters and photos that you will create.  Working with transparencies and TAP transfer paper adds dimension to the pages.  Easy to follow templates make this intricate binding system fail proof.  A center fabric insert will be collaged with a monotone of textiles that highlight the beauty of light and texture.  Swarovski crystal and pearls scatter through adding to the texture.  A flag of fabric strips with transferred messages flow from the center page giving interest to what lies inside.  Plenty of room for adding your own personal touches and trims.  The front crystal is provided, but bring along a rusty key or found object if you want to give it the added grunge.

This “Beautiful Woman Book” is a tactile experience that will delight the senses as you peel through its layers.  Beautiful images set in a warm white background, the coolness of the glass and the loft of the fabrics to the touch and the aroma of the lavender seeds fill the air as the pages are turned.  $70

Due to the amount of space and torches needed for the torch fire beads, we will offer this class (especially for our in-town guests) on May 26th 10:30-4:30.  Class sizes will be limited so call or email to save your space.  A CC# will hold your space but you won’t be charged until June 1. Anyone taking 5 or more classes (Art Unplugged) will receive a free event T-shirt, note booklet and charm.   Those taking 3 classes will receive the charm and note booklet free.  You will need to bring your basic metal and paper working tools to classes.  A detailed list (nominal) will be emailed to you for what will be used in each class.

Classes are already filling up and we only have about 10 spaces available for most of the classes.  
Call 316-262-0600 or email 

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