Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Settling into the new digs...

Wow, what a month it has been getting everything repainted, redecorated and restocked.  There is still much to do, hang crystals on the chandelier, signs hung, files sorted and so much more, but some of that will always be a work in progress.  This is how Mrs. O'Leary's ~ Isabel Marie's is shaping up.

Many of you are familiar with Mrs. O'Leary's as we are in our 19th year.  But let me introduce you to Isabel Marie's.

Those of you that have been coming to the store for many a year will remember my mother, Isabel Marie or as many of you called her Issy.  We lost my mother 5 years ago to Alzheimer's, but until that time she would sit behind the concession stand serving up our treats or perhaps sorting and packaging in the workroom.   My mother had become such a presence in my daily life that I failed to recognize how special she really was.  After her passing my friends would tell me how wonderful she was.  But it was especially those childhood friends that told me what an elegant woman she was remembered to be.  ???  What my mother?  She was just my mother, but maybe she was more...  Much More.  I started to remember myself the little ways she always brushed her hair or wouldn't be seen even going to answer the door without a touch of lipstick for a bit of color.  Putting her face on she would say.    I recall when I was very young, being tagged along to one of her friends "Come as You are" party.  My mother paid the $2 (a hefty fee back in the late 50's) to be allowed to fix herself up.  She wouldn't even let me go as I was.  That is the essence of who she was - always a lady.

Parouse the shelves filled with vintage finds and recal a story told to you at the knee of your favorite uncle.  Laugh out loud with your sister as you remember getting in sooooo much trouble lighting firecrackers in the garge next to the gas can.  See, these things are not just "things" or bits of junk, but a chance to stop and smell the roses or perhaps call that cousin who you haven't talked to in years.
Isabel Marie's is a remembrance or a dedication to those ladies that have made us who we are today.   My precious mother in-law Betty who used to work along side me and Jeralyn's mother Mary who we are lucky to have stopping in to give us some much needed help.  Our father's too.  A time to reflect on a simpler time and the sweet memories of our youth.  Now my own daughter Faron is continuing the story as she is starting her own line of art and adornments called "My Mother's Daughter".

So come on the adventure with us as we sit on the porch watching the sights and sounds of Old Town or in the Boudior Reading Roon listening to the scratchy Victrola records paying Maud Murray's "Isle of Love" or Harry Von Titzer's "The Little Good For Nothing's Good For Something After All. 


There's  quite a store behind this dress.  Come here the beginnings of  Isabel Marie's.


Olivia's Garden

Metal Tools

My Great Grandfather's cash register that he used in a general store in Riverside.

Candy drawers, Eye candy that is.

Ribbons and fibers and trinkets oh my!

Our friends Kathy and Joe Lenart from Ohio (Rubber Stamp Cottage), stopped in for a short visit yesterday as they were on their way to Denver to show at a stamp convention.  Our time together is always too short, but  it's great to see them.  They emailed from the road and ran into a tornado and now headed into snow.  The midwest isn't being very hospitable.

I did want to send some info out to everyone about some upcoming classes I'll be offered at home and around the country.

First off we will be putting on our annual art retreat right here in our own river city.  "Art Unplugged 3"
 June 23-26   -   the classes are nearly sold out, but there are a few spots left in most of the classes.  It's such a fun time and we'd love to have friends new and old join us.  Mrs. O'Leary's  -  126 N. Mead  -Wichita, KS  -  316-262-0600  -

Thursday June 23  6-9  ~  Twigs and Tassels 
Friday June 24  10-2  ~  Haute Hardware Bangle               
Friday June 24  4-10  ~   Ladder Links Bracelet
Saturday June 25  9-1 ~  Woman in White Canvas
Saturday June 25  3-9  ~  Nautilus Book  SOLD OUT
Sunday  June 26 11:30-4 ~ Bottle Transformation  

July 7-10 I'll be heading to St. Louis, For Keep Sake.  I'll be teach a series of classes on altered jewelry and bookmaking.   These gals are a great bunch and I'm really looking forward to working with those attending the classes.  I'll also be taking a trunk show with me and we'll have a meet and greet, show and tell Thursday evening.  Check out out this link if you want to learn more.
For those of you that have contacted me about wanting the "Altered Charm Sampler Necklace" that is sold out in Cincinnati, it will be taught here as well, all 3 parts.

Two weeks later July 22-24 I'll be teaching classes at My Heart's Fancy in Oklahoma City.  We don't have the schedule totally set yet, but you can check in with them in a couple of weeks for more info.

Back home again we'll be repeating the Nautilus Book on July 16th and the Altered Charm Sampler Necklace on July 30.  316-262-0600

August 11th I'll be teaching the Altered Charm Sampler Necklace in Cincinnati, Ohio at Stampaway.  SOLD OUT

To see the sample of the necklace, go to Feb. 22, 2011 posting on this blog.

There isn't a date set yet, but for those of you south of us, you haven't been forgotten.  We'll head back to the Dallas area to teach some of my new Artful Bookshelf books later in the fall at Stamp Asylum, Plano Texas.

I hope to meet up with you somewhere along the road.  Artful Joni

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