Thursday, August 22, 2013

Art Unplugged 4

Early June saw the return of Art Unplugged and a week long schedule of classes.  But first we must prepare.

   Cecile was the first to arrive, but not the last.
Cecile and her little bear Boyd.  Her ever-present traveling companion.
 patterned patinas

gel du soleil

microfolding - rolling mill

finished product

Worker bees making ready the frames.

Shadows of Our Past

more studio time

Tin Type Book - the closing act

The party's over...  till next year.

We need to replenish!


  1. WOW!!!!! We had FUN!!!! Can't wait until next YEAR!!!! Sign me UP!!! Tracy

  2. Tracy one of the big hits of the week was your enameled bracelet. You should make and sell those. Have missed you. Hope we can get together the fall. joni

  3. What a GORGEOUS post and what fabulous photos. They just are amazing! I can tell I missed something BIG!

  4. Joni, I loved all the photos about Art Unplugged and your trip to Plano! AU was really FANTASTIC!!! I love them always, and you for showing us such a great time! Can't wait until AU 2014!!

    And, Tracy! It was really nice meeting you this year! I've sent you a few emails, but they must have gotten stuck in your spam folder! Take care!


  5. It looks like everyone had so much fun. I wish I could have been there :(