Saturday, January 11, 2014

Long time no hear.

Sorry for being away from my posting.  Opening the restaurant last year kicked our you know whats and the summer was full steam ahead at the Brickyard.  Fall found us dealing with family as one sister almost died and the other one moved back to Kansas.  I'm happy to report that everyone is settled in and doing well.  That took priority over business.  Our son Travis and his wife finally found the house they had been waiting for and moved in mid December.  We helped for a couple of days with that too.  Two of our dearest friends told me in early November that they were getting married on Thanksgiving. I had been waiting on this for a long.....  time.  10 years to be exact.  So we put together a wedding in less then 3 weeks.  We had almost 150 for Thanksgiving dinner.  Then we slept for 2 days...  All the best to you Chuck and Jeralyn.

Congrats Jeralyn & Chuck

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  1. Those autumn arrangements are stunning. Someone gave me a flower-filled pumpkin as a hostess gift in the fall and I thought they were the prettiest things! Yours are, too!