Thursday, January 30, 2014

Going to Kansas City, Kansas City here I come...

That's right February 20-23 we will be teaching at Ink Paper Rubber in Overland Park.  call the store for more information. 913-381-2217

4 packed days of activities!

Metal-Smithing  ~ Bookmaking ~ Metal Etching
Thursday February 20– Sunday February 23

Etched for Success – Each student will have their own etching tub with solution and selection of metal.  You will learn to etch copper and brass flat sheet and tube metal.  You will also learn to clean and patina the metal.  Metal will be stamped with Stazon ink and rubber stamps.   Wear old clothes and or an apron.  Bring a filter mask if you are sensitive to the smells.  We will make a small etched vessel project with a soldered cabochon and stone on top of the vessel lid. 

Copper Pipe Bezels – Cutting sections of copper pipe will give us the top of our bezel and sheet copper will be fabricated for the back plates.  Instead of using a solder iron to make our solder molten we will be using butane torches.  Make both flat and flooded backplates.  Backplates can be letter stamped for a special message.   Place in the bezel a special image and fill with ice resin for a finished charm.  Enough to make 3 charms. 

Wire Wrapping – Learn several techniques for wire attaching beads and charms to your projects for a finished professional look.  Once you master piggy tail, fishhook and thumb up, you can combine these steps to complete any project including making an entire neck chain or rosary from scratch.  A bead mat,
wire and a selection of beads and charms are provided.  You need to bring a pair of round nose, 2 chain nose pliers (smooth jaw – no ridges inside) & a decent pair of flush cutters to class.  If you want to purchase these tools ahead of time check with Ink Paper Rubber for more information.  

Charm Sampler – Combined elements of metal, glass, wire and paper will be the base for a collection of charms that can be used together as a necklace or individually in other projects.  Charms include: faux nickel tintypes, glass bevel image, faux optic lens, numbered and lettered tool tags, mini book with etched topper & word spinner.  You will learn to drill, punch, fabricate and letter stamp in metal.  Neck chain provided. 

Home & Nest – A dimensional shadowbox house pendant is joined with a nest home for our feathered friends.  Learn to fabricate, drill and texture copper.  Assemble with rivets and top off with a letter stamped soldered piece at the rooftop.  Use several types of wire and real pearls to create a woven next.  Neck chain in included.  You need to bring a pair of round nose, 2 chain nose pliers (smooth jaw – no ridges inside) & a decent pair of flush cutters to class.

Copper Book Necklace – Looking InThis tiny 1¼ x2½ mini book starts off with a surprise cover that lets you see into the images that lie beneath.  A window of Ice Resin slightly magnifies the image below.  Pages are made from metal mesh, mica, distressed canvas, resin paper, and filmstrips.  The kit comes packed with mini photos, paper trimmings and embellishments for you to fill the pages.  A variety of attachment techniques will be shown including eyelets, staples, sewing and wire.  Learn metal fabrication and texturing.  Torching will be demonstrated.  Your kit will also include several Artful Illusions mini rubber stamps – yours to keep.  Chain provided

I will also be teaching the first week in March at the Artiscape Art Retreat in Columbus, Ohio.  March 7-9.  Artiscape