Friday, April 5, 2013

Bottom's Up

The West Bottoms antique markets in Kansas City started their April sale today.  I made a quick trip over to shop instead of doing my paperwork.  Now doesn't that sound like more fun?

On my way home tomorrow to cheer on my home team.  Go Shocks.  

 Faron and Sam will stay behind for another day to finish up the classes.  There's no place like home with or without the red shoes.


  1. Looks like LOTS of awesome stuff!

  2. Junking is at a premium in the spring.

  3. I am patiently WAITING for you to announce your teaching schedules in Texas at Stamp Asylum!!!!!!!
    I am looking so forward to your class!!!!! Do you have any idea, or are you getting close to announcing your classes (if you are teaching down here???)
    Beth Boothe aka "happy student!"