Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Death of the flip-flop...

The animals in our lives keep it interesting and make me not take myself too seriously, but really guys you can let up a bit on the shoes.  Since we travel criss-crossing the states, we have agreed to help some of the animal rescue groups transport their friends.  This is Jersey Girl.  Her owner passed away in January and the family just left her locked up in the house alone without food or water for 3 weeks.  After that she ended up on the streets until neighbors took her into the local shelter.  She was living there well cared for, but her time was up and the next day she was to be put down.  Can you imagine being put down because no one wanted you?  And who wouldn't want this great girl.  A wonderful Dr. from the Houston area drove to Galveston and brought her to us in Brenham, Texas.  We transported her back to Wichita caring for her for the week till she met up this morning with another transport to Colorado.  Her new family is waiting for her there.  It was hard to let her go as she was amazing, but we can't keep them all and there will be another one needing our help again soon.  She was far better behaved on the ride home than my children ever were.

Now the home crew is another story.  You may remember the January story of our blind dog "Baby".
Baby gets around the house and yard just fine.  In fact there are times when I think maybe she can see a bit, but then she runs into a wall if things get hectic and I know to help steer her around the obstacles in our always crazy household.  But Baby has found my shoes.  For those of you that know me, you understand that my shoe wardrobe mostly consists of flip-flops.  I try to remember to put them up on a table or counter when they aren't on my feet, but I inevitably forget and am rewarded with another mismatch pair.  I've decided that one of my summer projects will be to make altered flip-flops so I disguise the damages and make use of my shambled footwear.  

While packing for Texas I found that many of my pairs only had a right or left still in decent shape, so I had to make a quick run into a mall in Plano to get yet another pair.  We made the trip to Texas, shopped antiques for 2 days and returned home at 2AM on day 3.  With going on 3 hours sleep 2 nights in a row I was tired and yes once again I forgot to put up the flip-flops. 

Need I say more???

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