Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Round Top, Texas - junking

It was time for our spring trek to Round Top Texas to go junk hunting (and inspiration searching).  We stopped in Plano Texas on our way down to visit our friends at Stamp Asylum and dinner at my new favorite Texas food stop Anamia's for a salad I dream about.  Chicken fajita salad topped with gaucamole that they make fresh at your table.  OK, I'm going to have to demand our restaurant "Public" at home start making this for me as I can't drive to Dallas everyday.

Driving onto Round Top we pass through this cute little town with an even cuter name.  Rosebud, Texas.  Sorry the picture is a bit blurry, but it was dark and I was in the gas station across the way.  I just think it would be so cool to have your mail delivered to Rosebud.

I just love the Texas countryside this time of year. 
While it is still barren in Kansas except for an occasional Pansy, 
there are fields and planters full of wildflowers in Texas.

Destination - Round Top, Texas.

Our time at Round Top was short this year so we had to look fast.  I'm sure I missed some good deals for not taking time to dig through, but alas I have to save something for next trip.  

This last beauty you will be seeing in the Brickyard back home!


  1. Love your pictures! I was so busy trying to take it all in that I forgot to take pictures until the last day. It was fun running into you in Carmine. See you soon in Plano.

  2. Did you guys find good stuff? How long did you get to stay? I hope the weather is good in the fall and not to hot as maybe I'll have more time to spend then??? Can always hope.

  3. Hey did you get that really strong peaked house panel for me???? If you did, I will work like crazy for it!!!!

  4. I know isn't it wonderful. Unfortunately it also had a wonderful price and I didn't have the trailer with me this time so had to pass. But maybe on the fall trip I'll bring back some of those things. How's the new house feel? joni