Saturday, February 9, 2013

13 down 3 to go

Classes that is.  We have hit about 20 of the shows and I think I'm at saturation this time around.  
See some of the treasures we have purchased to bring back to the store.  
JOGS Tucson Bead Show

Green Opals, Druzies, Moonstone and more.

Amethyst Slab

Fire Agate

Real plated leaves.

Can you guess what these are?

I just love fossils and this is one big daddy!

As I was waiting to pay for my last selections of the day, my eye was caught by a sign "vintage".  The jeweler had recently relocated from 5th Avenue, NY City to New Jersey.  His family has had the business there for over 80 years.  As they were cleaning out the basement for the move, they uncovered many a treasure from the past.  This is a strung group of glass mirrored buttons.  It was one of the first shipments that came out of Germany after the war.  I'm not sure how these will be used, but I can just imagine the bustling clerks and customers that were moving about the store in the late 40's.  I'm so glad this selection was left untouched just waiting all these years for me to come rescue them.  

Teachers at work.  

My work in process.  I'll have to finish at home with my polishers, patinas etc.  

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