Monday, February 4, 2013

Classes continue

We were woken this morning with a frantic phone call from our friend Cat that was watching after our pets.  An inattentive driver ran a light and T-boned our car she was driving at full force.  We are so lucky that the impact of the hit was at the post between the front and back doors.  The car is totaled, but the girls escaped with whiplash.  Unfortunately their dog was in the back seat.  All the windows broke out of the car and Missy the dog leaped out the back window.  This was Monday morning at the corner of Woodlawn and Douglas.  If anyone is reading this posting and lives in east Wichita, keep your eyes out for a 55 pound black and white dog.

All our friends and family are helping out taking care of things back home.  We couldn't do anything else to help, so off to class we went.  I started out doing a wire wrapped bezel with Rhonda Chase.

Work in progress.
After lunch I continued my classes with Jeff Fulkerson making wire twisted bangles.   He gave us so many more ideas to try at home.  I can hardly wait to get home and try some of the designs.

The evening brought us to the Old Pueblo Grill. 
Mark keeps trying to snatch a fresh orange.

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