Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hatch, New Mexico - home of the giant weird stuff

On our way to Tucson to attend the bead - gem - mineral show.  Our poor little car is packed to the overflow as we load for a long relaxing stay (for us at least) and all our tools to take classes.  Since we got a late start out, no surprise we stop at 2AM in Amarillo Texas.

Day 2 we enjoy our drive marveling at the beauty of the mountains.  Maybe it's because I live my life in the flat lands, but they just always amaze me.  Do we ever really stop an enjoy the blueness of the clear sky?

As the day passes and finds us getting close to our destination we approach Hatch, New Mexico - home of the Hatch chile.  We actually found it to be home of the weird big advertising people and
animals.  This small town only a few miles long with a population of 1600 has their main road filled with these figures.  It reminds me of a Christmas town where each neighbor tries to out do each other by adding more lights and decor.  There isn't even a particular reason some of these pieces are at the street.  They aren't advertising anything for the most part, they are just there.  I guess they have to be somewhere so it might as well be Hatch, NM.

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  1. Yes we found Hatch to be a unique town. Friendly folks and the best chile spice we've ever had!
    Travelling thru there next week on our way to Tucson from Ottawa, Canada