Monday, February 4, 2013

Are we in Madagascar or Morocco?

Sunday found us perusing the tents of the bead show.  We visited mostly the African markets.  It is like walking through the rabbit hole into another land.  The language, dress, foods, crafts and of course beads from that region on display under the tents made you imagine you were walking the streets through one of their villages.  We purchased trade beads, some African porcupine quills and lots of ammonites.

We had such a nice treat as we were finishing up our shopping at the To Bead True Blue show. 
 There in front of us were our buddies Paula and Teresa at the Paula Best booth.  We had dinner 
together and had so much catching up to get in.  The night ended all too soon with us promising 
each other that we wouldn't let this much time go between visits.  

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