Monday, January 21, 2013

Art Unplugged 5 - new classes set

We had a great time with everyone attending the class at Mrs. O'Leary's on Saturday.  Here is a picture of the new project we were completing.   

Chantilly Lace Curtain Necklace

We have some new plans for the Art Unplugged schedule this summer.  We are using the first 2 days as metalsmithing workshops with an open workshop for independent working at the end of the 5 classes.  
After that we move into more of mixed media classes.  By grouping together the styles of projects, you can pick which part of the week you wish to attend.  Since many of you come from out of town, this will optimize your time and travel expenses.  We have also scattered in some open work times at the end of days which will allow you to take a breath to tie up unfinished parts.    

5th Annual Art Unplugged Creative Retreat
June 4-9, 2013 (Tuesday-Sunday)
Tuesday and Wednesday classes are metal working demonstrations that will offer working with torches and tools that create textures and develop skills in silver soldering.
Anyone taking the classes during the day can participate in the evening workshop.
“Rolling Mill Textures”  Learn a variety of techniques using the rolling mill and hydraulic press to texture your metals.  $-TBA
“Reticulation”  This is the process of burning out the copper that is in sterling silver.  Doing this will create a texture that can be used in your jewelry assemblage.   Silver cost TBA
“Unchained Melody”  Make silver links and fuse them together to form a silver chain.  Silver cost TBA
“Microfolding”  This small version of fold forming will make interesting metal textures that can be used to make earrings, pendants etc.  $-TBA
“Little Lentils”  Using a disc cutter, dapping block and letter punches, make small hallow initial beads that are soldered shut.  Paste solder will be used for this.  Enough materials to make 2 silver and 2 copper beads.    $30
Wednesday  5-11
“Open Workshop” Free, see above.
“Bezel Blast”  Explore the world of silver solder.  Achieve a working knowledge of the different types, melting temperatures, torches and work surfaces.  Practice your skills making bezels of different sizes and shapes using filigree charms and gallery wire to turn your bezels into little house shapes.  Patinas and finishing will also be covered.  Fill your works with mini collages i.e., stamped images, vintage papers, charms, beads, glitter and cover with ice resin.  These will make a perfect companion to complete a finished piece of jewelry with the Gel du Soleil charms.  $50  
“Gel du Soleil Resin Charms”  Working with stamps, photo images, vintage papers etc. make mini tags that will be coated in Gel du Soleil resin and hardened in 15 minutes.  Use these tags to make a bracelet, necklace or simply use in your mixed media projects.   $20
“Open Workshop” This is available time to finish works you have started in class.  Free but only available to class participants.  Reserve your space.   Joni will be on hand to answer questions. 
“Enamel Writing”  Anticlastic bracelets and a variety of shapes can be made from copper using the hydraulic press.  We will be writing messages and enameling our pieces in the kiln.  $45
“Shadows of Our Past” Create your own personalized shadowbox.  Paint and antique with chalk paints and wax.  Bring your own family photos as I show you how to scan and size your images in Photoshop or use from my collection of heritage families.  Make a photo negative on Pictorico film.  continued next day...
“Shadows of Our Past - continued” We will develop your photo in a sepia tone using the albumen process (egg whites and silver nitrate).   The print and the negative will both be used.  The box will be further embellished with vintage mementos as you learn a variety of techniques to create a dimensional collage.  You may bring your own mementos or purchase from my personal collection that I will make available for the class participants.  Ideas for trims should follow the theme of the photo, i.e. Baby shoes, Grandpa’s pocket watch, Grandma’s hanky, anything that adds to the story of the photo.  $140
“Open Workshop” This is available time to finish works you have started in class.  You will probably need some of this time to finish your shadowbox project.  Free but only available to class participants.  Reserve your space.   Joni will be on hand to answer questions.
Sunday  10-11
“Breakfast” Open to all those that participate in Art Unplugged.  Free
11:30- 6
“Artful Book Shelf” This handmade book will feature a surprising binding and patina techniques.  Solder stamping will be incorporated into the cover.  Afternoon light lunch will be provided.  $-TBA

Sign up for 5 of the classes and receive a free Artful Illusions shirt.
 Shadows of Our Past counts for 2 classes. 

Class samples will be posted in April.

Art Unplugged runs concurrent to the Wichita Riverfestival.
 Hotels in the downtown core area will be sold out early so don’t delay
booking your rooms if you are needing a hotel.   If you need information about the local hotels please email us and we will send you the links. 

This year the “Public” our full service bar and restaurant is open just steps from the classroom.  Food and libations are served throughout the day as well as having a lounge where you can just relax, use the wifi, meet new friends or catch up with old ones.   
You may also want to book an appointment for a hand treatment, 
chair of full body massage in our Zenful Indulgence salon.

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