Sunday, January 13, 2013

You may not know us yet.

Now that things are getting a bit settled in with the restaurant/club, it is time to finish the sorting and get our art retreats lined up.  We have a great facility to hold small art retreats.  We are centrally located, and if you are flying in, we will be glad to help you with transportation.  When you arrive whether we have already met or not, you are our friend.  We are in the art and entertainment Old Town District and have 4 hotels within blocks of us that are in historic buildings as well as outlying hotels at bargain prices.  We will be glad to send you a list with links to their sites. There are galleries and fun shops right on our square.  And when you need refreshments or spirits you only have to walk down a few steps into the Public.  You can even take a relaxation break and sit with friends in the lounge.  The massage salon and coffee bar are a step away to treat yourself with a tasty beverage, massage or hand treatment.  We have a retail store so supplies are close by for those trinkets and trims you want to add to your project.  We have a classroom with paper crafting tools and a metalsmithing studio.  We are just a place where friends new and old can gather and relax being surrounded by an environment of creativity.  All our classes are taught in a no-stress easy setting.  So won't you come for a visit, join us at one of our art retreats or just stop in as you may be traveling though the area.  

Classes at Mrs. O'Leary's - Wichita, Kansas  

Mrs. O'Leary's store goods.


  1. I have loved every class I have taken and always feel welcome there. I so desperately want to master the art of soldering jewelry. It is possible to set up a private workshop?

    1. Hi Amy are you in my area? I taught a class a couple of months ago. I've taught it multiple times so I don't automatically put it on the schedule anymore. When we get a couple interested in attending we contact them and coordinate a time and them open it to others who may be interested. We have about 5-6 doing hands on because of the electricity demands of the solder irons. If a class has too many being used at one time it pulls full power away from everyone and you can't keep the consistent heat that is so important to get a proper solder crown. the class is 3-4 hours of demonstration and another 3-4 hours of hands on work. I think it is really important to learn the technical side of soldering before getting to fancy with designs and shapes etc. If you are interested, give the store all call 316-262-0600 and talk to the girls. I am going to start working on my DVD's and kits in February and the soldering will be among the first ones I do. thanks joni

  2. I have taken the class twice, I used to live in Wichita, but have moved to the Kansas City area. If it worked out I would come back to take it again. I think mainly I lack confidance and I need to practice. A DVD would be GREAT!!!!! You are a wonderful teacher. I will try to remember to call and add my name to a list if a class becomes avaliable.