Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sayonara Cincinnati

We knew going in this would be our last trip to the Stampaway show.  Some already knew of our plans and sad faces started appearing as the news spread of our departure from the venue.  It was bittersweet sawing hello and goodbye to friends at the same time.  

No Jeager you can't hideaway in the boxes.

An Artful Crew!
Our last Papadeaux dinner with friends.
Eat dessert first!
Cincinnati in our rear view mirror.
As this stage of our live comes to a close, we bid a fond adieu to our fellow vendor family and so many friends that we looked forward to seeing at least once a year.  You will be missed.  I was so touched by the good byes with tearful eyes.  I didn't realize you valued our friendship so much.  Now it is your turn to come see us.  I hope you will stay in touch.  Drop us an email or text or come for a visit.   

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