Sunday, January 20, 2013

Blind dogs see with their hearts.

I read this on a blind dog web site as I was doing research for a new pup that has entered our lives.  She came from a neglected situation where she was in pain.  Our intent was to just help her with a place of solace until she could be placed in a home.  They put her in my arms, she laid her head over my shoulder and held on.  She is so soft and my reaction was to say "Oh baby how could anyone do this to you".  So she now is part of our family and her name is Baby.  Baby is indeed blind.  We had her to 2 vets and then onto K State to be evaluated.  Everyone has concurred on her plan of treatment so we continue with getting her adjusted to her new surroundings.  I'm trying to teach one of our other dogs to be her guide dog and I'm making progress.  


  1. Thanks, but Baby is actually the awesome one. She doesn't hardly ever run into anything unless she is really excited. She cuddles in your arms like a teddy bear. I hope to later this year start a foundation called art for animals that will help rescues. Stay tuned.