Monday, March 1, 2010

"Adorn Me" here we come!

Dorothy, we're not in Kansas anymore! Greetings from sunny Houston. Bonnie & I had a great ride down yesterday and only broke one law, so far that is. In the middle of a 6 lanes of traffic we got in the EZ auto pay lane on the tollway (my auto pay card is only good for Kansas). Somewhere there is a picture being posted of 2 slightly confused ladies saying oops. FYI, the hotel is beautiful and everyone is so friendly. We ventured out this morning with the help of our new friend Agnes, our GPS. For an inanimate object she sure talks a lot, and her favorite word is "recalculate". Our morning outing was to the Texas Art Supply Store. Boy they have everything. We spent 2 hours perusing the isles and on the way out we saw more things that we hadn't noticed. But with our arms weighted down with shopping bags we decided to leave something for the rest of the Texas.

Now it's time to catch up on a bit of paperwork and some R&R before things get started tonight at the kick off party. The convention goers are starting to check into the hotel, so we will be making lots of new friends. Tune in again tomorrow to see where our adventure takes us.

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