Sunday, March 21, 2010

Final show day!

OK, last show day. I think I'm actually beaded out. I drug myself out of bed this morning and went off to my last class. In the past 15 days, I have attended 89 hours of classes. Today I had a class with Kim St. Jean. I got most of the project done in the morning and I wanted to grab a couple of things at the show still so I said my good byes and off I went to empty my pocketbook of the last coins I had. Intending to only pick up a few things, it transformed into a few more and oh maybe just 2 of those and 3 of those. You get the idea. They had to push us out the door. But they did announce that there would be a Beadfest Texas the first weekend in October of this year.

After the show, we headed off to the Burrito Co. for nourishment, yum, yum and since the t-shirt shop was next door I had to add to my Santa Fe shirt collection.

Tomorrow is shopping, eating and sight seeing. It will be good to let my brain unwind.

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  1. Wow...once again it sounds like you all are having a great time in Sante Fe. I'm also sure that the snow storm there was much prettier than the one we had was just cold and gloomy!! Can't wait til you get home so we can see all the great things you've made and beads you purchased. Have fun sight seeing and have a very safe trip home. Mary J.