Friday, March 5, 2010

Expo day is here.

Today was full of hurry scurry! I had a papering class with Keith Lo Bue today and learned all about the properties and ways to use adhesives and resins. I had to dart in and out of class a bit as I was getting things finished up for showing in the Expo tonight. We only had an hour to set up, and 3 hours to sell, so we had to be ready quick. Other then our charge machine not being able to pick up satellite, the evening went well. After the show, we loaded up the truck with all the extra class supplies and show merchandise. Now it's regroup and get ready for tomorrow. Bonnie and I are taking the chain gang class. It will be great, except for listening to 20 plus hammer on steel for 8 hours. I'm really looking forward to these last 3 classes as they all have elements that are new to me. I think my hands are permanently stained from ink, paints and patinas and for some reason I have bruises, cuts and burns on one arm. We have sore backs and tired feet, but we'll come hobbling home soon with tales of new found friends and adventure.

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  1. I love Keith LoBue's jewelry! Flour on your face AND your butt - sign of a great chef. Ink & paint in your hair and all over your hands - sign of a great artitist! :-)Becci

    BTW, cute haircut!