Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Too.... tired in Texas

Boy guys, I'm loving the classes, but it's also really tiring. I had classes yesterday from 9-9. The day class was "Tools of the Trade" and how to use them. Keith Lo Bue taught us his caveman approach of leaning to get the best use of his tools and materials. I even have a little sample piece of glass he demonstrated on to add to my junk necklace. I have about 10 pages of notes to share with you all. When I get back, we will have a couple of extensive days on drilling. Last night in his class of "Precious Little" we did a fun group project. It really didn't matter how your piece came out as much as what you learned from going through the exercise. Needless to say, I didn't have any trouble sleeping last night. Today it's back to Keith's classroom to create a found object piece and then tonight Bonnie and I are both taking his riveting class together. I also made new friends Liza, Sandra and Laurie from Texas, Gail from Albequerque, Katie from Scottsdale, Greg from NY and many more. Well it's off to class for the day...

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