Saturday, March 20, 2010

Back to Class...

We are staying in yet another wonderful hotel. But as you can see, we've traded in the palm trees for Pinon Pines. There are fireplaces in all the lobbies and restaurants burning the pinon wood. It has a wonderful earthy aroma that penetrates even our hotel room. We haven't had anytime to catch the sights of the town, but on our way to lunch I snapped a shot of the mountain ahead of us and in the courtyard of the restaurant was this casting, "Great Raven With Apple" sculpted by Peter Woytuk, 1958. During afternoon classes yesterday there was a thunder snow taking place outside and we momentarily lost power. Life in the mountains.

I've had a couple of full days of classes so far, taking Janice Berkebile's fusing, Susan Lewis' PMC and Denise Peck (editor of "Wire to Wire"), viking knit. I haven't had time to finish any of the completely, as I've been making mad dashes to the showroom floor searching out the best baubles to add to the stash. That haul was from only a combined hour of shopping time. The other showroom for Beadfest is in another hotel location. It was open Thursday night for 3 hours. It was my only chance to scour those vendors items and check out all the teachers tables as I'm in class all the other open times. But I made good use of my time. I always feel like a pack animal with a multitude of bags slung over my shoulders resting (or should I say weighing down) on my back. But I made tool purchases for O'Leary's studio, found some new wire and charm sources and a great gilding patina. The other showroom is located in the same building as I'm taking classes, so every time I go to wash my hands or grab a soda etc. I make the "Family Circus" beeline around a couple of isles taking notes on the "must return to" booths. Mark went on to Albuquerque yesterday to take an all day private lesson with Rashan Omari Jones at his glass studio. They had a great time together and Rashan will bring his kiln finished pieces to him on Sunday.

Today I have beading classes and Mark is going to be making a heavy silver hinged bracelet. We actually have a silver soldering class together tonight. Faron and Elaine will be arriving around noon time, so we'll send them on to the bead show to scout out and shop while we are tied up in the classes.

Well since the clock is striking 3AM, I must catch a couple of hours of sleep so I can continue on my quest of searching out the best stuff and skills to bring home to you all.

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  1. Beautiful New Mexico---Great classes---Fun bead shopping. I'm so jealous!