Saturday, March 6, 2010

Almost done but hanging in there...

So my day started at 4AM! My brain is so jammed full of thoughts and ideas that it is trying to escape out my ears. I just couldn't stay asleep so I got up and worked on ideas for new classes to bring home. Bonnie and I actually got to go to class together today and it's a good thing. At this point in the game it takes two brains to understand what we are being told. We did the "Chain Gang" with Keith today and it was wonderful. Forging and working with re-bar tie wire is a new love! Check out our bracelets. It was our last class time with Keith so we will sadly bid adieu to our new found friend, but we will never forget all the skills he shared with us and his terrific sense of humor. Bonnie went on to her class with Lisa Palvelka doing faux dichroic glass and I finished up my class of color smash with Sabra Sowell-Lovejoy. I think I actually nodded off during the lecture portion. Sorry Sabra, but I really loved the class and learned so much. I promise it's all in the notes. I have 25 pages of notes so far. I did experimenting in that class and started what will turn out to be the base for a pin. One more day. Think we can make it?

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