Thursday, March 4, 2010

and the journey continues... day 4

Well here I am again past midnight. I just got my class bags all repacked for tomorrow and I'm ready to grab a couple of hours of shut eye. You can see by the picture of our room that we have lots of stuff. But believe it or not, it is very organized. In fact everyone in my classes calls me the stash because I always have what everyone is needing.

Bonnie did Amy Hanna's Heritage House Canvas class tonight. She doesn't have it finished completely, but I like what I'm seeing. After she completes the houses, the canvas will hold adornments (jewelry) to contrast with the papers, ribbons and paints. I was back in Keith Lo Bue's classroom today for etching. I learned a lot of different ways to work with the chemicals, transfer resists and make our own patinas. Tonight I did a class called "Color Smash" that took me into a whole new world of fold forming and distress enameling. We will have so many techniques to share with everyone when we get home. And don't forget, not only do we have 3 more days of classes here, but I'll also be taking other types of classes in Santa Fe yet this month. I'm showing you the "work in progress" of my Precious Little class. I'm so excited about the journey finishing it will take me. Tune in tomorrow as I'll have a paper application class to tell you about.

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