Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gone again, the blog returns...

Since returning home from Houston I've had so much catching up to do that the blog time was sacrificed. To recap my Houston travels, 9 days, about 50 hours of shut eye time, 17 hours of dining, 19 hours of packing and repacking, 21 hours of driving and 55 hours of class time. It tires me out just to hear it again.

Well we're not in Kansas anymore, but we are still where the deer and the antelope play. For those of you that aren't from Kansas, that is a reference to "Home on the Range" our state song. Mark and I are on our way to Santa Fe, New Mexico to attend Beadfest. Since I'm not the driver this time, I'm having fun taking pictures and enjoying the scenery. Isn't the moon and the North star over the mountain sunset beautiful.

An hour to go till we arrive at our hotel and my classes start at 9 in the morning with a bracelet fusing class being taught by Janice Berkebile. It will be good to see a familiar face to start the week as she was also in Houston. Once again my days will be back to back classes through Sunday. There is also a large bead show going on at the same time so I will be bringing beads home to share with you all. I have barely touched the ones I purchased last year (probably because I bought a suitcase full), so these will be for the store shelves. Well I may have to save 1 or 2 for my stash.

I promise to send the daily blogs telling of my jewelry adventures. For those of you that have tried to commit, sorry - apparently I had the lock on and you couldn't connect without first being a follower. But now you can send me your feedback via comment to the blog.

Here we go again...

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