Monday, March 8, 2010

Realism ends.. Reality will begin...

Our last arty day is at hand. Breakfast was all a-buzz. Everyone was having their last visits. Some were trying to get their supplies together for class and yet others were waiting with stacked bags for the airport shuttles. Bonnie had her class with the woven silver pendant and I had a day with Richard Salley working with enameling. Of course during our break times I scurried back to Keith's room as I had been there everyday and it just wasn't natural not to be there. Actually I had to say good bye to Laurie. I met Laurie one evening in class and discovered what an amazing sweet soul this young lady was. I had double booked a class as I wanted the info from both and Liza was too tired to stay for one of her's so we gave our classes to Laurie. She was new to this style of art medium, so I loaned her the tools she needed and gave her a couple of quick wire lessons. Boy was she a fast learner! She surprised me the next day with this necklace. She is a lampworker and this is the first bead she had ever made. I can't believe she gave it to me. I will treasure it always as well as her friendship. She and her husband bought a fixer upper house on ebay in St. John's Kansas. She has promised to visit as they drive through Wichita. Can't wait. As Keith stated in his closing comment last evening, a huge thank you to Linda and Chuck Young for putting together this event. It was a 3 year process and in all our opinion well worth it. It was an amazing community all week. We all collectively got it! The jewelry, the art and the feeling behind it all. I would highly recommend to any of you that are interested in this medium to save your pennies and make it a priority to attend next year. I know I'm going home and blocking out the week on my calendar for "2011".

Well we have our bags packed and heading to the trunk to make our return voyage. But of course we will make a detour via "Texas Art Store". Already in my head are plans taking form to have a show and tell with pictures and purchases for all of my friends back home, so check the email later this week to find out when.

As the down elevator passed by the 2nd floor (classrooms) and the doors opened momentarily, I caught a glimpse of how the view had changed. No longer were artists chatting, hugging and rushing off to classes with their jewels singing songs of joy. No longer was Rice' sitting cross legged on the lounge with her computer in her lap. No longer was Earl with his hot pink and lime green attire taking pictures of all our treasures. And no longer was their a creative fog lingering around us nurturing our souls. They had all be replaced with men in crisply ironed oxford shirts with cell phones attached to their heads.
Thank you "Adorn Me", you will be missed... joni

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